The only cow in a small town in Poland died. The people did some research

and found that they could buy a replacement cow from Moscow for 2,000

rubles, or one from Minsk for 1,000 rubles. Being frugal, they bought the

cow from Minsk.

The cow was wonderful. It produced lots of milk all the time, and the people

were amazed and very happy. They decided to acquire a bull to mate with the

cow and produce more cows like it. Then they would never have to worry about

the milk supply again.

They bought a bull and put it in the pasture with their beloved cow.

However, whenever the bull came close to the cow, the cow would move away.

No matter what approach the bull tried, the cow would move away from the

bull and he could not succeed in his quest.

The people were very upset and decided to ask their wise rabbi, what to do.

They told the rabbi what was happening. "Whenever the bull approaches our

cow, she moves away. If he approaches from the back, she moves forward. When

he approaches her from the front, she backs off. An approach from the side

and she just walks away to the other side."

The rabbi thought about this for a minute and asked, "Did you buy this cow

from Minsk?"

The people were dumbfounded, since they had never mentioned where they had

gotten the cow.

"You are truly a wise rabbi," they said. "How did you know we got the cow

from Minsk?"

The rabbi answered sadly, "My wife is also from Minsk."