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    Now you can download anything with high speed Torrents which are free and resumable such as Applications, Books, Music, Movies, Television Shows, Games etc.

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    BitTorrent is a freeware and very efficient Torrent Downloader.

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Size:  4.6 KB To download BitTorrent, go to and click on "Get BitTorrent"

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Size:  5.5 KB On the next page click on "Free Download" or you can also Buy by clicking on "Buy BitTorrent Plus" in which you will get some extra features including protection against viruses.

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    BitTorrent will start downloading automatically.

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Size:  5.7 KB When download will be completed, click on it and a new window will pop out. Click on "Run".

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Size:  5.4 KB Now another window will pop out and it's License Agreement; click on "I Agree" on the right bottom of window.

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    Then uncheck box "Yes, I'd love to check out this free download" and click "Next" on the window of "Check out our next Featured Content Release"

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    First click on "Decline" and then click on "Finish". Now your BitTorrent has been installed properly.

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Size:  5.7 KB The main screen of BitTorrent show the details about Torrents.

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Size:  5.7 KB To download a torrent, you would need to go to a torrent website that gives torrent files such as: go to and type in the search bar; anything you want to download.

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    Name:  7.png
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Size:  5.1 KB Now search the file from the directory; look for best of figures in "Seed" and click on the light brown color of arrow pointing downward next to file name.

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Size:  6.2 KB After the file has been downloaded; go to your "Downloads" folder and double click on the downloaded file.

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Size:  5.7 KB BitTorrent will pick up this file and will show you downloading window with information about the Torrent; files in that Torrent; you can also change saving files directory on the left top of window and then click "OK" on the right bottom.

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    Now the Torrent has started downloading.

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