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Thread: LOVE........HATE .....AND HEART

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    LOVE........HATE .....AND HEART

    Both love and hate in our lives may abound
    They are often quite closely entwined.
    To try separating by logical thought
    Cannot be accomplished, we find.

    The attempt to employ mere secular means
    For breaking the twain apart
    Will prove to be an impossible task
    Without getting help from the heart.

    For heart alone leads to Presence of God
    And then stands on guard at the gate
    Only love is allowed by the Presence within
    No entry is open to hate.

    So for instant access to this Presence of God
    To admit without hinderance of wait
    Our hearts should provide us a blanket of love
    To cleanse us from stigma of hate.

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    hmmm niceeeee one daaaaaaaaaa

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    hmmm..........Who said sweety has stopped mumkin hai........hai na....hmm?

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    good one sweetu...

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