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Thread: US, Japan, South Korea Warn North Korea Of Consequences Against Further Provocations

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    US, Japan, South Korea Warn North Korea Of Consequences Against Further Provocations

    The US, Japan and South Korea have warned that if North Korea carries out any further provocations, including a nuclear test, that country will bear responsibility for the consequences it will face for disregarding the overwhelming views of the international community. The warning was given in a joint statement issued by the three countries after their officials met in Tokyo for the two-day annual Defense Trilateral Talks. North Korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs constitute a serious threat to international peace and security and undermine the peace and stability of the North East Asia Region.

    The allies have made it clear that they will closely coordinate to deter a potential DPRK nuclear test and to respond to ballistic missile threats. Moreover, they also welcomed China's support for sanctions against North Korea. North Korea should learn that they the longer they fight against the international current, and remain isolated, the deeper they will fall in the end.

    I urge North Korea to give up their nuclear efforts and have some human decency to take care of their internal affairs.

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    the situation is complicated . i wish if there can be a political solution for this problem

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