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    Google Drive

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    Google Drive is a Free online Space to save files.
    Any one can make its Account for free and download files from anywhere through internet; using PC, laptop, mobile, etc.

    How to use Google Drive:

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Size:  4.6 KB Sign into Google Drive with your Google account at

    If you're a Gmail user, you can use your Gmail account to sign in.

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    Once you've launched Google Drive in your web browser, you will be taken to a page that shows all of the Google Documents you currently have associated with your Google account

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Size:  5.5 KB Create a new file by clicking on Create on the left-hand-side of your screen

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    Upload files from your computer clicking on the Upload icon (located to the right of the "Create" button).

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Size:  5.7 KB Using the navigation bar on the left, view the files that people have shared with you, the files that have been starred by you, recent files and more options.

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Size:  5.4 KB The files that you have already uploaded to Google servers can be viewed in the center of the screen. The screen will show you many details, including its owner, its last modification, whether it has been shared with others, and file titles, you can also view files without downloading them. if you want to download them , you can download file any time you want to. as shown in the pictures

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    for example i have uploaded a presentation , and i have opened it from google drive , now google is showing me the presenation online , and also it is giving me the option to download the presentation at my computer

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Size:  5.7 KB When you check the box next to files, a menu will pop up allowing you to share, organize, delete, mark as (un)viewed, download, etc., for the selected files. This is where you can add a file to a folder, by clicking on the square box next to the relevant file, then clicking on the folder icon in the menu. A drop-down menu will appear of all your folders, and you can check the relevant folder.

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Size:  5.7 KB On the right side, there's a horizontal menu bar at the top that will allow you to change view and adjust your Google Drive settings.

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    You can also change view of uploaded files i.e: Change to Grid View

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Size:  5.1 KB You can download Google Drive for PC and Synchronize your files from your PC to My Drive , this will install GOOGLE DRIVE SOFTWARE on your Personal computer and you can upload and download files in better speed.

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