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Thread: My Mother...

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    My Mother...

    Blessed is your face

    Blessed is your name

    My beloved

    Blessed is your smile

    Which makes my soul want to fly

    My beloved

    All the nights

    And all the times

    That you cared for me

    But I never realised it

    And now it’s too late

    Forgive me

    Now I’m alone filled with so much shame

    For all the years I caused you pain

    If only I could sleep in your arms again

    Mother I’m lost without you

    You were the sun that brightened my day

    Now who’s going to wipe my tears away

    If only I knew what I know today

    Mother I’m lost without you

    To whom will I tell my sorrow

    in your absence, mother?

    I didn’t know your real value, my beloved mother

    The Messenger (pbuh) said

    “Paradise is under the mothers’ feet”

    Your image is in my heart, my soul, and my dreams

    When you left, my soul left

    Our separation was painful

    The world gave me pain

    and sorrow my beloved mother

    I cry like a cloud

    You are like a song on my tongue

    I’ve wronged you countless times

    Forgive me mother....

    - - -

    Writer: Unknown

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    Greate, Really greate. This verses can touch the heart. If u have more, add them.

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    ..WoW..beautiful..ya mothers are the Best...

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