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Thread: Ghost in a lift in singapore

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    Ghost in a lift in singapore


    So is this footage of a ghostly figure in a lift with two men, in a Raffles Place building real? Or has it been edited?

    The story has started a debate among STOMPers on whether the ghost is real or fake.

    Among the believers was STOMPer sinkapoorean, who said:

    "This old lady ghost is real, has been sighted many times.

    "Heard the old lady was a cleaner there for many years till one day she slipped and fell backwards and died suddenly."

    STOMPer xiaomianbao noted certain interesting details:

    "I did see the old lady's hand appearing before the guys went in to the lift though... but it cld be the old lady is giving a hint she's going to appear? I think partial appearance is scarier than a full appearance... if I only see her arm ah...I think I'll faint."

    STOMPer yotsugaxx said: "Hmmm this is interesting...did the news report abt this? Seems kinda of real."

    Kamen_rider14 agrees: "Hmmmmm nice footage ..i mean it looked so real!!!!"

    On the other hand, some STOMPers think otherwise.

    STOMPer nietan_us, a sceptic, said:

    "Definitely not GHOST! look at the 3rd photo onwards, there's the old lady's (man) shadow reflected on the try!"

    STOMPer chloecleo also thinks the ghost is fake, and said, "Look so fake!"

    Goolen2001 said: "Good try, but need to work harder to make it looks real", while STOMPer Ponyboy wondered if was possible to edit the footage, "They got time to edit the CCTV eh?"

    Then there are those who are not so sure.

    Cowpeicowbu said: "With the advancement of video editing technology nowadays, I am sure it's very hard to say whether it's real or fake by just looking at this video."

    The heated debate began when STOMPer Mike sent in pictures and a YouTube link, showing what seems to be a ghostly figure on a CCTV footage captured in a building in Raffles Place.

    He said he received the video link via email on Mar 28.

    Said the STOMPer:

    "There seems to be a strange figure that appeared when the 2 guys were leaving the lift.

    "Please respond if anyone working in the CBD can recognize where this building is."

    According to the footage, the video was captured on Feb 21 at 12.28pm.

    STOMPers, real or not? You decide.

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    OMG that's some spooky stuff

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