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    Magnum Launch Party

    Magnum Launch Party Pictures

    KARACHI: Unilever Pakistan started unique Magnum®,
    its banner-deliver mark inside the Wall's Ice-cream portfolio the previous week end. Nida Butt's initial musical “A Royal Remedy” started the unique Magnum® Brand Council and the revamped essences that could now be accessible for Pakistani buyers. The unique “Royal Treatment” fight for the mark serves to present the revamped Magnum with Belgian Chocolate, the most premium chocolate in the World. The most recent reach in addition marks the expansion of another quality Truffle over its existing efficacious offerings of Classic and Almond Magnums Farheen Salman, Director Ice Cream stated, “Wall's is the overwhelming business sector pioneer in the Ice Cream class and is pleased to be carrying the planet's most premium frozen custard Magnum to its Pakistani buyers. Made with sumptuous chocolate from Belgium, Magnum is not only a stick of frozen custard yet a liberal pastry made for the previously mentioned who prize the finest things in existence!” The launch occasion was revisited by a percentage of the largest names in media and form in the twang featured by an initial musical “A Royal Remedy” set in 17th Century France, with a stellar throws and handling crew. The musical was composed by Uns Mufti specifically for the Magnum launch, controlled and choreographed by Nida Butt with perfected actors Sanam Saeed, Rubya Chaudhry, Faraz Lodhi and Momin Zafar in lead roles. This handling is likewise special subsequent to this the first run through in Pakistan that there could be a 12 man symphony on stage furnishing the music score, guided by Hamza Jaferi. Hamza declared “It's been a legitimate treat to direct a 12 piece ensemble, its extremely much east meets west with sitars, electric guitars, and congas in the intermingle” Whatever remains of the occasion was nothing less than a Royal undertaking either. The occasion venue had a Magnum air transport (Pakistan's first) drifting right over it, with the Magnum Brand Council (Tapu Javeri, Deepak Perwani, Nabila, Kiran Aman & Madiha Sultan of Lal's Chocolate popularity and mark represetatives Ayyan and Aisha Linnea Akhtar) touching base at celebrity lane in vintage Rolls Royces with the intricate celebrity main street scope telecast exist inside the venue. The whole atmosphere of the venue was dependent upon the topic of wantonness and extravagance of 17th century European Royalty, showcased with long court tables and towering Greek statues. There were even sure totally interesting feeling components at the occasion that carried the whole spot vivified and buzzing for example a 16ft heightened strip tree on top of a bar that was serving pattern Magnum sweets with gourmet experts likewise making their particular Magnums in a dipping station with different garnishes for the visitors. The air was accentuated further with thrilling components such Brazilian models beautifying dresses molded like tables serving chocolate shots to the visitors and a pastry pound-fest table that had emulates' with their takes distending off of the table, welcoming them to attempt the different chocolate treats on proposition. Positively a night with a great deal of firsts and never before perceived components generally speaking making for a greatly exceptional and illustrious experience Magnum as a mark has pulled in a percentage of the greatest Hollywood famous person endorsers in the planet for example Eva Longoria, Eva Mendes, Ivanka Trump, Benicio Del Toro and Rachel Bilson, to name just a couple. Likewise, in Pakistan the crusade seems to be lance-headed by the Magnum Brand Council including a portion of the most gigantic fashion/lifestyle names i.e Tapu Javeri, Deepak Perwani, Nabila, Kiran Aman, Madiha Sultan and top models Ayyan and Aisha Linnea Akhtar as the mark diplomats Nabila stated “I work truly no picnic to make superbness in my field and to compensate my fulfillments I revel in the finest things in essence, evidently I’m part of the Magnum mark gathering, on account of I take up with the best.” Tapu Javeri likewise at the occasion declared “My enthusiasm for photography is evident to every warm body however I’m additionally heartfelt about Belgian chocolate in the unique Magnum with premium value vanilla gelato that makes Magnum a regal liberality fit for a lord.” Deepak Perwani stated “I revel in the finest things in essence, I need commonplace in my essence to be pleasurable, so in terms of frozen custard I just need the best, the frozen dessert of eminence, the revamped Magnum with Belgian chocolate, get a charge out of the Royal medication.” The occasion was took care of and prepared by Catwalk Production it was a Catwalk creation special notion outlined, and PR was took care of Catalyst PR and Marketing. About Magnum | Belgian Chocolate

    Magnum is the most premium mark of Walls
    Ice Cream internationally and in addition the #1 frozen custard mark in the advanced business sectors where its accessible around the World. Magnum serves to address a more advanced palate for premium chocolate frozen custard for the Pakistani purchaser, advancing over the years because of developing presentation and cognizance. The Magnum customer is utilized to the finer things in essence, and regarding the matter of premium gelato, there's sole one reply. Accordingly Magnum's content is straightforward: Now you can delight in the Royal Treatment commonplace The all-unique Magnum Ice Cream is liberality similar to no other, with velvety, smooth and velvety gelato covered with a thick layer of splitting Belgian chocolate. The premium value vanilla frozen dessert is joined with rich chocolate in a sorbet bar that is so liberal and pleasurable; it makes you feel like eminence, making it the extreme sensorial experience from the exact first nibble. The mark intends to come to be a worldwide symbol of the most pleasurable and modern chocolate frozen custard encounter with a feature profession and logic that “a day without delight is a day lost.” Plus having a rich air, Belgian chocolate in addition owns a rich legacy dating back to the 17th Century when the country was controlled by Spain. In that day and age chocolate was reveled in as a beverage at the fascinating Belgian Grand Palace. Hence, owing to its dazzling values, Belgian chocolate is generally reputed to be the chocolate of European sovereignty. While French chocolate will almost always be sharp and fascinating, Swiss chocolate i


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