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Thread: Silent tears !!

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    Silent tears !!

    So what if today we are far apart
    U still reside in the hidden corner of my heart
    So what if u don’t treat me as a friend any more?
    I am learning to smile again; I will be successful for sure,
    Whenever I miss u, I just get lost in memories of olden days
    I still remember those lovely days, when in ur arms I use to lay

    So easily u moved on n now u treat me as stranger
    Still i tried to help u out but then u took me as a challenger
    Sometimes I feel so hurt that I lock myself in room n loudly I shout
    Its u who was wrong, its u who lied, n then its u who have doubts?
    My poems were never to blame u, they were just my feeling’s portray
    Its u who played with my feeling, then why cant I call ur fake love a betray?


    Sometimes I curse my fate, because I met u, because I loved u
    My feelings were true, tell me, that’s why am i in blues?
    Today, i try to run away from this feeling called love.
    Because a heartless person came in my life n acted like a dove,

    But the bitter truth is, I am still in love with you
    I still wish to spend some moments even if they r few
    I cry a lot then try to find u in my tears………….
    That crying never gave me pain but brought both of us near
    Perhaps unconsciously I am trying to dream of that time
    When world will be beautiful, I will be yours n u will be mine
    You will be mine……………
    You will be mine…………….
    You will be mine……………
    You will be mine…………….

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    looks like repost but anyways nice one

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