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Thread: The Way We Affect Others

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    The Way We Affect Others

    We may not always realize
    that everything we do,
    affects not only our lives,
    but touches others too.

    A single happy smile
    can always brighten up the day,
    for anyone who happens
    to be passing by your way.

    And a little bit of thoughtfulness
    that shows someone you care,
    creates a ray of sunshine
    for both of you to share.

    Yes, every time you offer
    someone a helping hand,
    every time you show a friend
    you understand.

    Every time you have a kind
    and gentle word to give,
    you help someone to find beauty
    in this precious life we live.

    For happiness brings happiness
    and loving ways bring love,
    and giving is the treasure,
    that contentment is made of.

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    ....angel I was literally searching for a poem about happiness but i couldnt find any I liked...good post at the right time...thankyou hunni...take care...

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    hmmm so got sum for ur search ha???!! Well thanks for the comments...

    N my pleasure darling,u tke cre too!!!

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    atlast a smiling one from u kool nice words nice post

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