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Thread: LUX style awards Back stage pictures

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    LUX style awards Back stage pictures

    LUX style awards

    The LSAs demonstrated for the present year how they are more similar to the Oscars than at any other time. In 1998, Shakespeare in Love beat Saving Private Ryan for Best Picture in what is ostensibly the largest furious about the Oscars ever (significantly more than Rocky opposite The Network, which made at any rate some sense on account of Rocky was in regards to establishing for the underdog.) In 2012, Adnan Malik won the recompense for Best Music Video Director for Mera Bichra Yaar demolishing both Ayesha Linnea and Shahbaz Shigri's movie for Adil Omar's Paki Rambo and Ali Azmat's movie for Bum Phatta. Definitely after which jaws dropped.

    The other stun of the nigh
    t was when Bumbu Sauce won for Best Emerging Talent, whipping Usman Riaz and by and by, Adil Omar. Usman Riaz might as well have claimed this recompense (practically the same as Tom Hanks might as well have claimed the Best Actor class at the same Oscars in 199. Anyway while Pakistan's by and large talented upcoming artist remains uncrowned, the recompense headed off to a group that truly does make some pretty hip music. Great work, Bumbu Sauce!

    The other vital recompenses
    headed off to Pakistan's most gigantic star yet, Ali Zafar, for Jhoom which was voted the Best Album of the Year and Quratulain Baloch for Song of the Year with Woh Humsafar Tha. What's more while the occasion emphasized various exhibitions most foremost of which were Ali Zafar's tribute to Mehdi Hassan and his fun-filled finale, it was an euphoria to watch Adil Omar light the LSAs up by going off stage and rapping his heart out. It was surely a fitting end when following spitting out verse after verse, he raised a clench hand circulating everywhere before being saluted by blazes that flanked him on the stage.

    Following scoring the grant, Colonel Bumbu thanked group parts Master Jee, Colonel, Zakuta and Jeevay Lal with a short yell. Later on Facebook they had the taking after announcement:

    “We just won Best Emerging Artist
    at the Lux Style Awards. Aaj kay baad hamari zindagi principle aur koi saabun istamaal nahin ho ga. Fust of all, much obliged be to all BumbuHead fans for supporting us. MOJAMBO! Whaddis Da Scene?? THIS IS DA SCENE!!!!!”

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