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Thread: The Lux Style Awards Red Carpet People Pictures

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    The Lux Style Awards Red Carpet People Pictures

    The Lux Style Awards

    The Lux Style Awards is an award ceremony held annually in Pakistan since 2002. The awards celebrate "style" in the Pakistani entertainment industry, and honour the country's best talents in film, television, music, and fashion. Around 30 awards are given annually.

    The Lux Style Awards
    is considered one of the nation's premier award show events. The awards have been dubbed "Pakistan's Oscars" and described as "'the' awards ceremony in Pakistan."

    The 2008 Lux Style Awards ceremony
    was scheduled to be held in Lahore, but was canceled due to financial and political turmoil within the country. A company spokesman said, "it is not appropriate to proceed with this when millions of Pakistanis are confronted with unprecedented inflation and the country is faced with tough economic and security conditions." So it was held in 2009 in Lahore.2011

    The 10th Lux Style Award ceremony
    was held in Expo Center in Karachi, Pakistan. The show was hosted by Mahira Khan, Faizan Haque and from the members of BNN. The show had the performances by HSY and Reema Khan, Aaminah Haq, Ammar Bilal, Meera, Mahira and Ahsan Khan etc. Special tribute was paid to late Moin Akhtar. Some of the film and
    music categories were removed from the award.


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    beautiful and nice post

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