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    lux style award participants

    lux style award participants

    KARACHI: Celebrities from the picture, music, TV and style commercial ventures congregated for the11th twelve-month Lux Style Awards (LSAs), in Karachi the previous night.

    Sarmad Khoosat
    sacked the Award for Best Director for his directorial step for Hum TV's “Paani Jaisa Pyar”. While ARY's “Mera Saeein” is recompensed best honours in the Best TV Serial classification. The recompense for the Best TV Writer headed off to Sameera Fazal for Hum TV's ‘Mera Naseeb‘.

    Faisal Qureshi
    gathered the Best Actor recompense for a moment time consecutively after his exhibition in ARY's “Roag”, while Savera Nadeem sacked the title of Best Actress for her exhibition in Hum TV's “Qaid-e-Tanhai”.

    The (female) Model of the Year
    honor headed off to the staggering Cybil Chaudhry, while the male class was recompensed to the nice looking Abbas Jafri.

    Fashioner mark “Khaadi”
    was recompensed best honours in the classification of Best High Street Brand. The Fashion Design Award was maybe unsurprisingly packed away by Designer Duo “Sana Safinaz”. While Nabila was granted the title of Best Hair and Makeup Artist. The Best Fashion Photographer Award headed off to Rizwan-ul-Haq, who won the same honor at the previous year's LSAs.

    The Award for Best Emerging Talent
    (Fashion) was sacked by Zaheer Abbas. While Ali Zafar's collection “Jhoom” won the Best Album Award.

    Oscar-scoring documentary producer Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy
    was likewise recognized with a Lux Style Achievement Award.

    Shoaib Mansoor's ‘Bol’ sacked the Best Film Award
    . Best Film Actor Award headed off to Manzar Sehbhai while Humaima Malik was Awarded the Best Film Actress, for their sublime exhibitions in Mansoor's picture.

    Pakistani Singer and Actor Ali Zafar performed
    at the show, incorporating a tribute to the late Ghazal maestro, Mehdi Hassan. Zafar had flown in from India to perform at the function. He performed exist on “Mujhay tum nazar se,” he moreover finished the night with his hit melodies from his collection “Jhoom.” Zafar was went hand in hand with by Humaima Malik and the couple delightfully performed on numerous melodies finishing on the towering notes of “Madhubala”.

    Highlights of the night
    additionally incorporated a tribute to the life-changing Ahmed Rushdi. Pop virtuosos Ahmed Jahanzeb, Amanat Ali and Bilal Khan right around alternates loaned their vocals to resuscitate a portion of the greatest hits from the ‘golden era’ of Pakistani film. This gesture was backed by move exhibitions by Meera, Ahsan Khan, and Mathira.

    Bragging a record 26 classes,
    contrasted with the previous year's 11, the show partied
    about Pakistan's best in vogue, picture, music and TV.


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