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Thread: Teen Sensation Soumita Saha releases Emptiness III- Tere Bina

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    Teen Sensation Soumita Saha releases Emptiness III- Tere Bina

    Teen Singer Soumita Saha recently released her new Music Video “Tere Bina, the latest track in her Emptiness Series of Albums. Inspired by the famous Song,'Maine Mere Jaana' by Kausiki Diwakar, Emptiness III portrays the gloomy picture of Heart when the Love vanishes from Someone's Life.

    Speaking about the Song, Soumita says, "My version of Emptiness is not about pleading the lost love to come back. It’s about the emptiness and the loneliness caused when the love is lost from life".

    The opening lyrics, "labz thi meri, dhun tha tera, adhuri si hai geet tere bina", actually echoes the Emptiness felt in heart due to the sudden loss of Love, hence the Title. Tere Bina actually adds to the hunch of Love echoed by 'Maine Mere Jaana', first sung by Kausi Divakar.

    A Re-Mix version of Tere Bina has been released by Music Stars, a studio from Los Angeles US. The Remix is composed by Ravi Soni.

    Speaking about inspiration behind this Song, Soumita says, “When I was working on one of my Paintings, the emptiness was on my mind and somehow that painting gave me the idea".


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