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Thread: Bollywood Celebrating Lohri Di Raat in Mumbai

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    Bollywood Celebrating Lohri Di Raat in Mumbai

    Saturday night was seen rocking by the Punjabis who were celebrating the festival “Lohri Di Raat” with Bonfire and in great enthusiasm and joy. The festival graces with many celebs from B-town, politician and cricketers celebrating the auspicious festival which was hosted by Charan Singh Sapra president of NGO Punjabi Cultural Heritage Board. Punjab Di Shaan Cricketer Harbhajan Singh who was first to arrive and was seen enjoying the fabulous tradition song with Vindu Dara Singh which was sung by Salim Sehzada, Harbhajan Singh said, “When I came here, I Remembered my childhood days, with the bonfires, revdi and gajjak. I wish to all my fans Happy Lohri.”

    Charan Singh Sapra was seen honouring Governor of Arunachal Pradesh General J.J. Singh, the governor J.J Singh said “Lohri is a very popular festival of Punjabis which is spreading brotherhood and I feel entire Punjab has come to Maharashtra”.

    Mukesh Rishi was seen lighting bonfire with Yukta Mukhey. Shrelyn Chopra was seen wearing red sari and raising the temperature of festival and was seen shaking her hips on Punjabi song, she said, “I love this festival and it’s great to be here and celebrating Lohri with Punjabis.”


    Shradha Sharma was seen dancing with cricketer Manpreet Gony. Love birds of television industry Pooja Bedi and Akashdeep Sehgal were seen enjoying Lohri together. Gulsan Grover, Angad Hasija and Ranjeet with his wife were seen Bonding and discussing about festival.

    Commedia Raju Shrivastav makes cheerful atmosphere through his jokes. MLA Baldev Khosa, CEO of SONY NB Singh and MLA Ashok Jadhav were seen grooming on song till wee hours. Everyone was seen enjoying the festival.

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    Name:  Angad-Hasija-at-Lohari-Di-Raat.jpg
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Size:  137.4 KBName:  Pooja-Bedi-And-Akashdeep-Sehgal-At-Lohri-Di-Raat.jpg
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Size:  198.4 KBName:  Raji-Shrivastav,-Harbhajan-Singh,-Vindu-Dara-Singh-and-Salim-are-dancing-at-Lohari-Di-Raat.jpg
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Size:  94.5 KBName:  Raju-Shrivastav,-Shrelyn-Chopra,-Charan-Singh-Sapra,-Salim-Sehzada,-Harbhajan-Singh,-Vindu-Dara-.jpg
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Size:  106.4 KBName:  Raju-Shrivastav-at-Lohri-Di-Raat.jpg
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