Organize your mind

Dec30 farrukh ahmed khan


In every field of endeavor , people from all walks of life are interested in improving themselves and organizing their minds.

Admittedly, I am a bit biased, trained memory is one of the most important factors in mental organization, there are of course many other factors involved. The search for happiness need not be a long or difficult one, in fact, you can find it within yourself.
Yes- you can be a happier and better person than you are now. Yes- you can use your brain more efficiently, there’s no doubt about it, just make up your mind that its true and and you will be able to use brain power you have , to much better advantage.
There’s only one thing that can help you avoid chaos in your work either business or social dealings- in life itself; and that thing is organization. There would be no learning , no science, no knowledge, no creative thinking- nothing without it !
This should be obvious to you. One’s entire life is built around organization from moment of birth- even from conception.
Lets take an example. An expectant mother follows a definite regimen suggested by her obstetrician. After a baby is born, he’s fed, bathed and made to rest according to a definite system. Even his food consist of formula of planned ingredients.
When the child starts school, he’s faced with more order . and so it goes until he becomes a reluctant participant in his own carefully organized funeral .
So, we all should organize our thinking, by which I doesn’t merely mean just to aid you in business, or in your homeworks, although it’s quite an important part of an entire picture. If you look your complete life with an organized mind , you will surely be able to see success and happiness from a better vantage point.