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Thread: 10 best moments in life: - To finish your last exam.

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    Lightbulb 10 best moments in life: - To finish your last exam.

    10 best moments in life: -

    To finish your last exam.

    - To wake up and realize its still possible to sleep "5 min".

    - To get a phone call saying class is cancelled.

    - To see an old friend again and to feel that things have not changed .

    - To touch the fingers of newly born child.

    - Walking alone on a silent road at night and thinking of some good old days memories.

    - Riding the cycle/bike on a highway while its raining

    - Sitting alone but you are still smiling cause you know someone is watching you.


    -The calm You feel inside when you Are near to Almighty God

    - And the last one is

    "right now" while reading this message there was constant smile on your face.

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    2nd last moment is the best

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    I would like to add....To wake up in the wee hours of night and hear the soft pattering of raindrops!
    Thanks for sharing the memorable moments!

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