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Thread: Manimal … 1112 - 2012

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    Manimal … 1112 - 2012

    The sun slings low
    Dips in distant far off lands
    Shadows lengthen so
    Are bound to nature’s wands

    A sensation settles in
    A beastly urge to change
    To a shade of wily sin
    Howls in the wilderness range

    The eyes redden deep
    The skin like a parchment rips
    Natures promise to keep
    Kisses alter to vicious nips

    Snarls bare the canine
    A hump on the shoulder blade
    On flesh ready to dine
    In gore with abandon wade

    As hair sprout on a cheek
    Smiles distort to guttural growls
    Nails deform out to seek
    Laughter morphs to echoing howl


    Our soul’s possessed demons
    Those reside within our self deep
    That hound our waking days
    Turn dreams to a thrashing sleep

    saadat tahir
    11 Dec, 2012

    (Conceived at Piazza San Marco, i.e. St Marks’s square, Venezia Italy, some time back)

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    good one

    after a long time you posted your poetry. welcome back.


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