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Thread: Pleasant memories of love beyond imagination

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    Pleasant memories of love beyond imagination

    Pleasant memories of love beyond imagination,
    in the cloudy weather,under the dazzling rain,
    running was a train,bullock carts on the side,
    running on and on enjoying the rain.
    Colorful flowers big and small, spreading fragrance,
    all around,sun rising slowly to make the area warm.
    Singing enchanting birds,at the twigs and branches,
    adding to the beauty of field so green,
    at the well under the trees, beautiful girls,
    with pitchers waiting to fetch the water.
    Happily gossiping with smiles on faces,
    filled with joy and charms.
    The village reminding, love stories of the past.
    Heer and Ranjha, Sohni and Mahiwal,
    they lived in love, departed with love,
    still remembered far and beyond.
    Poetry by: Rabia Iqbal


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    Thank you.......

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