one day a man wrote a letter to his wife saying,"dear wife i am writing you this
not to tell you i am leaving u because u either are cheating on me or u don't
love me any more becausee we havent even had sex in 2 months even though we have
been together for ten years.also last week i cooked u pork your favorite meal
and even wore a new pair of silk boxers and got a hair cut and u didn't notice.
the last straw was when your boss called today and said u quit your job. so have
a good life and don't try to find me i moved to Canada with your sister". then
the wife wrote back,"dear ex husband finding your letter was the best part of me
day and about your hair cut my mom told me not to say anything if u cant say
anything nice don't say any thing at all so when the first thing that come to
mind when i saw u was u look like a girl i didn't say anything.and i did notice
your boxers but i saw the 49.99$ tag i hoped it was a quad-incidence that my
sister had just borrowed 50$ from me and u must have mistaken me for my sister
when you cooked me pork because i haven't eaten meat in 5 years . lastly i quit
my job because i just hit the lotto for 20 mill and my lower insherd me that
because of your letter i wont have to give you a dime. have a good life from
your ex wife single and rich as hell. P.S my brother Carol was born as Carl hope
that does not make thing weird.......