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Thread: Balance Sheet of Life

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    Balance Sheet of Life

    our birth is our opening balance.
    our death is our closing balance.
    our prejudiced views are our liabilties.
    our creative ideas are our assets.
    heart is our current asset.
    soul is our fixed asset
    brain is our fixed deposit.
    thinking is our current account
    achievements are our capital
    characters & our morals, our stock in trade.
    friends are our general reserves.
    values & behaviour are our goodwill.
    patience is our interest earned.
    love is our divident.
    children are our bonus issues
    education is brand/patents.
    knowledge is our investment
    experience is our premium account.
    the aim is to tally the balance sheet accurately.
    the goal is to get best presented accounts awards


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    good post my balanchesheet is not tallying

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    don't worry dear it will ...sooner or later

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