Motorola MotoYuva W270 Phone Builtin MP3 Player FM Radio
Motorola has launched the new MotoYuva W270 mobile phone in the Indian market. It is an affordable and stylish mobile phone dedicated to music. MotoYuva W270 offers an in-built MP3 player and FM radio too.

The flip style phone offers users the ability to play/stop and adjust the volume for music, change FM channels and MP3 music tracks even when itís closed. Besides, FM radio supports RDS allowing users to view the FM station, artistís name and name of the song that they are listening to.

Further, MotoYuva W270 incorporates storage of up to 2GB and also supports expandable memory of up to 4GB.

Other features of the MotoYuva W270 phone are extended battery life of up to 550 minutes and 450 hours of standby time with CrystalTalk technology that reduces ambient noise.

A large phone book of up to 500 names and a bright 128◊128 pixels 65,000 color display are also included in the list of key features of the MotoYuva W270.