Way too soon YOU needed this lovely rose.
Way too quick went this script of a prose.
So many things were left unspoken.
So much pain and hearts so broken.
YOU needed her to sparkle in heavenís light.
on loveís chest, a watch in the night
No more loving words from beautiful lips.
No more smile as the coffee she sips
Only memories in heart to be felt in the dark.
Reason as to why so soon, not ours to ask!
For YOUR wishes are ours to fulfill.
On a morning breeze, she wafts still
though her laughter rings on moors yet
a haunting dawn, never progresses to a set
However painful it may sometimes be.
The glorious star in the night sky is she
the morning dew will be her tears
howling windís elegy that my heart hears
still her loving voice will be my prompt
floating like parchments as silky soft
and when the sun goes down at night
darkness pierces the breast like a blight
her love will be the power of the moon.
a friend I never knew Ö went too soon!

Amanda Boucher with saadat tahir
October 26, 2012.