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Thread: A Miandad Googly

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    A Miandad Googly

    A Miandad Googly

    By Teeth Maestro on Jun 24, 2005 in Cricket, India, Pakistan | ShareThis

    A few visitors wanted to hear my reaction on the proposed marriage of Mahrukh binte Dawood Ibrahim and Junaid bin Javed Miandad. Initially I had nothing significant to report other then what was widely reported in the Print media. A week has passed and I now bring you my twist into this affair.


    In the twists and turns of India-Pakistan relations comes one more difficult spin. What should India do, or how should New Delhi react, when news is confirmed that the daughter of India’s most-wanted criminal Dawood Ibrahim is set to marry the son of one of Pakistan’s greatest cricketers, Javed Miandad? This is as difficult as it can get when India and Pakistan are trying to sort out issues and move toward lasting peace, and Miandad remains a cricketing icon.

    Reports suggest that Ibrahim’s daughter Mahrukh and Miandad’s son Junaid grew up together in Dubai. Junaid studied at Oxford University in London, where Mahrukh is also based, and the two reportedly became engaged last year. It was a fairy-tale love story in which they should live happily ever after, until the ISI got involved where the establishment felt that the marriage would not reflect too kindly on Pakistan. Reports say it took some cajoling of higher-ups by ISI officials known to Miandad that allowed the marriage to happen. A happy ending, one could say.

    The interesting part is if India would allow Javed Miandad entry into its borders as a reaction to this propsed marraige even if it were for peaceful cricketing purposes or even if he might one day coach our cricket team to lead them across the border. ISI has long denied the presence of Dawood Ibrahim in Pakistan and it now stands caught in a persistent lie. Personally I see no problem in this marriage why should the children have to suffer the sins of their fathers, but on the other hand Dawood Ibrahim has lived in complete protection and has manipulated not only the underworld but has also made a mess out of our stock exchange (which continues to be a gold mine for Dawood Ibrahim).

    What do you have to say to this Googly for the India-Pakistan peace process

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    By Ashraf Shad
    DUBAI, July 24: The wedding is over with more than 500 mostly unnamed guests feted to a lavish dinner in the most luxurious and colourful environment possible in Dubai. Now the guessing game is on about who came and who didn’t.

    The hype about the Dubai wedding of Mahrukh, daughter of fugitive Indian businessman Dawood Ibrahim, with Junaid, son of legendary cricketer Javed Miandad, was created mostly by the Indian media who thought it a good chance to prove their theories regarding the whereabouts of their most wanted man. But extremely tight security around the venue left most of the journalists, especially those arriving from India, disappointed.

    “There was nothing to report, absolutely nothing to report,” an equally disappointed Pakistani journalist, working for a TV channel operating from Dubai Media City, told Dawn.

    But Mr Ibrahim was not there. Dawn has learnt through a reliable source that the bride’s father definitely did not attend the wedding. “He was not here and this once again dispelled rumours that he (Dawood) lives in or visits Dubai,” the source said.

    The security at the Grand Hyatt Hotel was air-tight; hotel staff were tight lipped and the Baniyas Ballroom, where the 12-course dinner was served, was a no-go area. The security personnel on duty kept journalists and photographers at a distance.

    The waiting media personnel could only get a glimpse of the arriving guests, most of them unknown faces, except the father of the groom, the mother of the bride and a couple of cricketers from the Javed Miandad era. It was reported that guests arriving from overseas, some of them VIPs, had been lodged at the hotel before the event.

    According to unconfirmed reports, outsiders had replaced regular hotel employees to maintain complete secrecy.

    There was nothing left for the media to report except the attire of guests and the decor of the premises.

    “Each table for eight in the ballroom had a large candle-stand with four candles each, setting the stage for a grand candle-lit dinner.

    “And the bases of the candle-stands were covered with pink roses and white tulips... The centre-stage for the bride and the groom was draped in white, with the approach to the stage decorated with pink roses and orchids. A green sofa for two was placed on the stage... The spread for the guests included 12 dishes for the main course, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian, besides five kinds of salad, and papad. For dessert, there was a wide choice including jalebis...” reported the local daily, Khaleej Times.

    Reuters adds: Indian papers had said some guests, including prominent Indian cricketers and the chief of a hardline Hindu group, were unlikely to attend because of prying Indian and US security agents.

    “I’m very happy to get this chance to come,” said Chaudhry Zubeir, a Pakistani resident of Dubai who displayed his wedding invitation to Retuers on his way in.

    “I’m not scared because the wedding is between two people, it’s not about the families,” he added. “Miandad is a Pakistani cricket player and a good person.”

    “I just came for the thrill,” said Babu Raj, an Indian resident of the city, watching the guests at a distance, “I thought some famous film stars would be here.”

    Junaid met Mahrukh in London, where he is studying.

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