Shilpa Shetty's Yoga Class

There was no turning back for Shilpa Shetty ever since she won the British reality show ‘Celebrity Big Brother’. She has more than she could ever ask for thanks to her soaring popularity from launching her own perfume to making a yoga video. Has Shilpa Shetty arrived?

A shot in the arm
The Bollywood actress, who was watched more for her svelte figure than her acting abilities, is now seen more than ever on television, gossip magazines, tabloids, and newspapers than on the silver screen. Suddenly, Shilpa Shetty has become a household name. Her claim to fame: Celebrity Big Brother. Her role in the reality show came into the spotlight after alleged racist remarks by her co-contestant.

Her win surprised her and her fans alike. But since then, Shilpa has fans of all ages from children to celebrities. And not just that! She has more than a handful of modeling assignments, offers from Hollywood, she has been awarded an honorary doctorate from Leeds University, and has launched her own perfume called S2. Now she has ventured into a totally different area – launching her own production house, S2 Productions. Their first venture was the production of a yoga video.

Fitness video
Shilpa has always claimed to be a fitness enthusiast. It can be said that it is her passion for fitness that has prompted her to produce a yoga video. The British film and Music distribution company, Eros International, has chosen Shilpa to be their fitness icon. They want to cash in on Shilpa’s immense popularity overseas in their upcoming health video. This video will be a new age yoga video along the lines of the Jane Fonda aerobic video series.

The video is being shot against the serene background of Kerala’s backwaters. The DVD spans two hours with Shilpa demonstrating the right techniques for pranayama or breathing exercises and asanas or poses. Apart from these, she will also provide tips for a yogic way of living in today’s rushed world, including weight management and following the right kind of diet.

Directed by Manish Jha, the critically acclaimed director of ‘Anwar’ and ‘Mathrubhumi’, the program is scripted by Arghya Lahiri and shot by cameraman Jamie Sowlds. Though yoga has formed an important part of Shilpa’s fitness regime, she has been taking intensive lessons from yoga gurus Shiv Kumar Mishra and Vinayak Dixit, learning the right technique of performing and maintaining the postures.

What next?
Whether S2 Productions’ next project will be a film isn’t too clear, but the yoga video production is on in full earnest. While Shilpa Shetty’s appointment diary is full, it remains to be seen how her fans will accept her new role as a yoga guru. Coming from the land of yoga itself with true yogis and gurus to teach and handover the age-old traditions, will Shilpa be able to reach out to the masses?