90 saal ke Buddhe Ne Viagra kharidi aur medical wale se puchha
'Kaise Leni hai?'
Dukandar ne upar se niche tak dekha aur kaha:
Tulsi Aur Gangajal ke Saath Lo!!

A fat electrician while having sex asks his wife: Bolo priye tumhe kya gam hai?

Wife: Swami Load Jyada aur Voltage kam hai...

Teacher gave a sentence to Pappu for translation

Khushi ke maare uski chhati phool gayi

Pappu: Due to happiness, his chest turned into breasts!

Agar Gandhiji ke samay me AIDS hota to kya hota?

Toh chautha(4th) bandar underwear ke saamne haath karke khada hota.

Lalu: Rabri, tum to hamara CHAND ho.
Rabri: Naa ji hamka Chand Vaand mat kahiye,
yeh America wale roj Chand pe chadte utarte rehte hai.

A lady to another lady: Jab tera divorce hua tha tab to ek hi baccha tha aur ab 3 kaise?

She says: Woh kabhi kabhi maafi maangne aa jate they..!!

Girls hostel me phone aaya-- seema hai kya?

Warden ke pucha aage kya lagati hai?

jawab aaya- ab pata nahi do mahine pahele STAYFREE lagati thi!

A boy had sex with a 90 year old lady and the next day he died.
The post-mortem report said:


Father in Church: An hour's pleasure is notworth a lifetime of disgrace. Any questions?
Someone yelled: Tell me how do you make it last an hour?

What is Fashion Designing?
Too many brainsworking on too little clothes with too many ideas on how to cover two littleareas.

An old woman calls the Police department and says: I have asex maniac in my apartment. Pick him up in the morning!

Girl: Xcuse me brother, that's my seat.
Boy: OK! But I'm notyour brother, my father never made it with your mom.
Girl: True, but myfather did !

Why are condoms transparent?
So that sperms can atleast enjoy the scene, even if their entry is restricted.. .!

How do you define a virgin?
On the Verge but notin!

What is the definition of a Lesbian?
Yet another damnwoman trying to do a man's job!!