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    Kim norlien r


    KIM NORLIEN R award-winning wildlife scenes invite viewers to peacefully gaze upon wildlife in their natural state. Equally captivating are his nostalgic pieces, which capture the joy and simplicity of days gone by.

    Each Norlien painting is painstakingly researched to ensure that every detail – whether it be architecture, landscape, or wildlife – is captured precisely as it would be found in Mother Nature’s domain. Painting predominately in acrylics, Mr. Norlien complements his technical detail with skillful interplay of light and shadow. The result is subtle, yet powerful – vibrant, lifelike, compelling.

    Kim Norlien was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and spent his childhood summers up at the lake with his grandparents and extended family in rural Minnesota. Mr. Norlien’s interest in art began after high school when he enrolled in the commercial art program at Minneapolis Technical College.

    Following his graduation in 1977, Mr. Norlien spent eight years working as a commercial artist for Honeywell, followed by nine years as a commercial freelance illustrator. Kim Norlien’s work for national companies such as General Mills, Sam Goody, 3M, Carlson Companies, and others, won him awards and national recognition and further developed his skill and painting techniques.

    A committed Christian, Mr. Norlien believes all of creation is a reflection of God’s glory. His artistic passion is to encourage and uplift his art collectors by creating scenes of beauty filled with peace and tranquility. Mr. Norlien also hopes to create art of lasting quality by pursuing excellence in composition, color, and rendering. Currently, over forty of his original paintings have been published as print and canvas reproductions, along with many other gift items. It is his hope and prayer that his artwork will continue to be a source of encouragement to others around the world.

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