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Thread: Are we alone??....UFO sightings....

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    Are we alone??....UFO sightings....

    Do you believe the UFO and Paranormal reports?

    Are we really alone in the galaxy? Are we so presumptuous and arrogant a race that we believe, that out of all the stars and all the planets within the universe, that we are the only intelligent life form in existence? From the beginning of life on Earth there have been unexplained and strange phenomenons that have left us questioning whether we are alone or not.

    How do we explain the strange crop circles that appear overnight with perfect geometric shapes, strange rock formations such as Stonehenge, the countless reports of encounters and abductions, the people from all over the world who have sited UFO's, and the reported cover-ups that some government officials have now confessed to being a part of.

    UFOs: Crazy fantasies or truth to be told.

    There are countless numbers of occurrences and strange unexplained phenomenon that span thousands of years. Can they all be the ravings of lunatics and fanatics? Perhaps that would be plausible if it were just a few people that have some kind of psychological issues. However, there have been countless numbers of reports made by people who are upstanding members of their communities and highly regarding in intellectual circles. Numerous scientists have also studied UFO's and the possibility of extraterrestrial life forms. SETI is just one example of a research facility who believes it so much that they devote millions of dollars a year to the subject.

    Strange UFO sightings and some real stories.

    1.UFO Sighting in Northwest Georgia
    Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003

    Ok,Here's my story.

    I live in a small town called Chatsworth,It's in northwest Georgia. I was just outside, I was walking around enjoying the clear night and I saw this bright light, I thought it was a star until it started to move, I have never seen a plane or anything move like this, It would go from side to side covering at least 2 miles in the blink of an eye. Then it would go up and down just as far and as fast. It would be there one sec and gone the next and then back again. It was a bright white light, then it would pulsate blue, green and a redish color. I am still in shock, I couldn't get a photo but I saw it and no one will believe me...

    2.UFO Sighting in Overland Park, Kansas

    Date: Sun, 2 Feb 2003

    This sighting took place in South Central PA, betweeen New Oxford and Hanover.

    My then wife,(now ex-wife) were heading home after being at a party at my brother in laws house. Yes we had been drinking, but I've never hallucinated anything while drinking. I had always been interested in UFOs and psychic phenomenon, so I looked up and I saw thing weird thing in the sky. It was about 1:30-2:00AM. It looked like an odd shaped bubble blob that was lit from the inside with red and green and blue lights. As it moved across the sky we were driving south the blobby bubble kind of rolled across the sky, changing shape as it moved. My wife saw it, but was really not too concerned about it. I knew it was something though. It sooned disappeared behind the hills. That's not all. About 3 minutes later, we we still heading south on the same road, and there it was again up in the sky moving across the horizon in front of us. I knew at that point, it seemed as though it wanted us to make sure we saw it. I would have to estimate the thing was about a mile or less away from us when we saw it both times. I've been watching the stuff on the history channel over the last few nights and this has resparked my interest.

    3.New Philadelphia UFO sighting

    Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2001 12:58:18 EDT

    I guess the time was around July of last year. My boyfriend and I were driving around and we are both from this area, New Philadelphia, Ohio and quite frequently we enjoy driving around looking at the scenery, it was probably close to 11:30 pm, when somehow we lost all track of time and ended up getting lost neither one of us can remember much of how we got where we got except that there was 3 hours of lost time. We were so freaked out about the event that we have not really been out driving around since that happened to us, we stay completely away from the road that we were on when we got lost. And have not spoke of this event to anyone except amongst the two of us. Afraid someone would think we were nuts.


    A UFO and Paranormal community!

    So are we alone? No one can really answer that definitively because an alien life form has never landed on the White House lawn and said “We come in peace” (except of course in the theater).

    AREA 51:

    Since you can be shot if you try to trespass on the military base where Area 51 is located, UFO tourists must view the sacred ground from a distant vantage point. Many do this, hoping for a glimpse of a UFO landing. Apparently, our government has a treaty with the aliens that allows them to fly into this area at will, as long as we can experiment on them and try to duplicate their aircraft.

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    nice post dear....ya ufo's is always a thing that has been debated over and over again

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    hmm good post..thankyou...take care...

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