Cricket A Man's Game But Preity Zinta A Complete Team Girl
Cricket is a gentleman`s game but in this world of cricket, you have one beautiful lady with her million dollar smile who is seen mingling with some of the best cricketers in the world.

Many may think that Preity Zinta is not doing enough for the promotion of her IPL team Mohali's King's XI, but it's not true. Preity Zinta's team gets all the attention like any other teams, and even more, maybe because a woman is involved, and a big Bollywood star at that.
Preity Zinta IPL Team - Kings Punjab Tigers - Anthem Song

Preity manages and owns the team, and she plans to create all the tamasha herself. So while Vijay Mallya brings in cheerleaders from the US to grab a few eyeballs and to cheer for his Royal Challengers, Preity has to just be herself, and whistle and scream a bit to show her support. "My involvement with the team is total," she was quoted as saying, "I believe I am the team's good luck factor, so I want to be there for everything."