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It was a cool day of December,
a guest was coming by the train,
I was hearing about her from the November,
she was unknown to me like a stranger,
her introduction was, as a family friend.
She came out with her beautiful look,
looking here and there with her blue eyes,
she was tall,beautiful, pink checks and red lips,
her long silky hair were tight with flowery scarf,
such a cute girl,I never seen, in my life.
I received her,give warm welcome,
she told me ,her stay is here only for two days,
It was a shocking moment , I think I was in love,
Yes ,I was in love, thinking about her beauty.
Next day, at seaside, we were enjoying the weaves and rain,
tiny droops of rain kissing her face and lips,
weaves were touching our feet,her hand was in my hand,
her eyes were shining and lips were shivering,
this feeling was touching my soul and heart,
giving me joys with sad feeling,
her stay is short, she will leave very soon.
After two days,she boarded the train,
without shake hand,waved her scarf,
It was so touching, at farewell time ,
I waved my hand till the train faded out of my eyes.
I was thinking,what type of girl, she was,
stranger she came,familiar she left,
when we will meet again,GOD knows better.

Poetry by Rabia Iqbal