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Thread: what the river saying

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    what the river saying


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    Under the clouds

    over the big mountains
    my journey starts
    as a small stream
    with cool cool sparkling
    glittering fast following
    crystal clear water
    Turning towards a sky high falls
    my soul shrinks with by the
    coming danger,when i fell
    upon hard rocks,at the base of the fall
    This beautiful look gives joy
    the people around, enjoying
    the cool tiny drops on their faces
    I do not stop my journey
    and travel n travel on reaching the plains
    with meadows all around
    spreading fragrance from cute flowers
    giving a look of a dream land
    passing through thick forests
    with green and stunning look
    My banks broaden with rolling water
    to quench the thirst
    animals comings to drinks and enjoy
    GOD created cute birds
    enchanting,singing and dancing around
    peacock dancing spreading
    colourful feathers in rains
    along the banks enhancing my glory
    My travel ends when sea is near by
    so my farewell with good wishes
    and Good bye, thanks to GOD
    Thanks to all .

    Poetry by : Rabia Iqbal

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    True picture of my thoughts. Thank you so much Mr.Admin.

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