When I be gone, will anything change,
or it will stay the same.
Will air be the same, and will anyone know
how I was breathing hard, lifting my eyes
toward the sky, watching around and again
coming back on the same.

When I be gone, will rain fall the same,
and will anyone wait for her, like I was waiting,
will grass by the same,and will flowers blossom
each spring when I used to look in them,
and pick them to put them in my hair.

Will sky be the same so blue and strong,
unreachable when one looking it.
Will anything change or it will stay the same.
When I be gone, will anyone remember me.

I know that when I be gone, life will continue,
new mornings washed with fresh rain,
new springs with blossoming flowers, new sunes
and new lifes for someone.Thy sky will stay
the same strong and touchable.

Than if it is like this why do I worry so much,
when this Dunya will past so fast. And after is
for always for truthfull belivers. The Jannah which is
always calm and peacefull,flowers which are all the time
blossoming, rain from Allah, The Most Exalted.

There is no hard air, but shade from Allah,
and there is no sky above, but Arsh of The only Lord,
So why I do worry than.... when I will bring with me
only my deeds and nothing else.
Why I worry so much when this world is only a test
and path toward Allah

I was always looking for ways which leads towards You, trying to recognize them,what is the most hidden in ourselves to discover. The secret is love which heart feels when it mentions Your name,and of fragment of the most beautiful rose in Dunya, Your Jannah is the most beautiful. Praise be to You Allah, The Most Exalted Rabb, The Calmer of hearts and Giver of every good.