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Thread: Broken Love Between Two Lovers

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    Broken Love Between Two Lovers

    A phone call
    A padded wall
    One moves on,
    The other falls.
    One stuck in one place,
    The other moving in a furious pace.
    Beating her walls,
    And waiting for him to call.
    Hurrying life
    And never to be his wife.
    He walks with pain
    He dosn't realize what he's done
    Her white t-shirt she stains
    While her mascara runs,
    Wondering whats he's doing and who he's with
    And he has no idea what happiness he's missed.

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    well nowadays at home....
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    nice post.................i think the girl was with full make up

    jokes apart................ nice post

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    ya now-a-days girls can't do without make-up he he he

    cheers mate for replies

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    Nice post

    girls can do better without makeup also coz with makeup u can hide scars of ur face but one can't hide scars that are on ur heart

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    well ashu there is no make-up for heart .......heart is one thing thats always natural....only mind is the one which play games

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    good one.. u r really talented...

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    hmm well thanks for the comment but i am not....all these people and forum is

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