A life of achievement and fulfillment is a lot of trouble and inconvenience. Go to the trouble, and deal with the inconvenience, because itís the quality of your precious life thatís at stake.
Moving in the direction of your dreams can be complicated, challenging, risky and tedious. Jump right in and do it anyway, because your real, authentic dreams are worth it.
You must pay a substantial price to live true to your highest vision of life. Yet that price is a bargain compared to the alternative of a life with meager fulfillment.
Instead of avoiding the challenges and complaining about them, see those challenges for what they are. They are pathways to valuable and meaningful achievement.
Itís a lot of trouble to live with integrity and passion and purpose. And you are very much worth the trouble.
A life that demands much of you is a life that offers the greatest richness. For in meeting those demands, you immerse yourself in all that richness.