USB Stick Modem from T-Mobile Free - New Web地'Walk USB Modem
A new USB Stick Modem has been lauched by T-Mobile int he UK for fast mobile broadband, this new stick device compliments the existing USB Dongle but offers fast broadband service without the wires.

Simply plug the T-Mobile web地'walk stick into the USB port on your laptop and away you go - you池e connected to the T-Mobile mobile broadband network. No phone required!
# Compatible - with both Macs and PCs
# Easy set up and installation - simply plug into a USB port to get quick, hassle-free mobile broadband
# Versatile - it痴 great for on the move, at home or wherever you might be
# Super fast - the stick supports high speed downloads & uploads (HSDPA/HSUPA)
# Future proof - so you won稚 have to replace or upgrade it anytime soon

There are two monthly mobile broadband plans to choose from:
Web地'walk Plus

Perfect for web browsing, accessing emails, downloading files and audio/ video streaming (excludes internet calling services like Skype) and no matter how much you surf, your monthly cost is fixed. With a 3Gb fair use policy amount.
Web地'walk Max

All the same benefits of web地'walk Plus but you can use internet calling services like Skype. No matter how much you surf, your monthly cost is fixed. With a 10Gb fair use policy amount.