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Thread: Concept Of Happiness......

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    Concept Of Happiness......

    If you analyze people's actions, you will come to the conclusion that they
    all seek happiness. Every act is in fact a search for it, even if on the surface
    it doesn't look so. Happiness is always the main target.

    Going to the movies, eating in a restaurant or going to a party, are
    motivated by the desire to be happy. Sometimes the movie is not interesting, the
    food is not good and the party is boring. Then the search goes on. Maybe the
    next time the search will be more successful.

    If the activity is pleasing, there might be a feeling of happiness, and then
    this activity is sought again in order to repeat this pleasant feeling.

    Who does not dream of a vacation in some fascinating location, a new car, a
    new house, or the ideal match? All people daydream, and some even try to make
    their dreams a reality. And why is that? In order to be happy.

    What about people who endanger themselves by climbing steep mountains,
    entering unexplored caves, or diving into the deep of the ocean? They too are
    looking for the few moments of happiness and rapture.

    A thief may steal because he loves the thrill of danger, or because he
    desires to have quick money to spend. He is actually looking for happiness,
    though in a criminal and perverted way.

    The list can be endless. It is the happiness factor that is dictating the
    behavior of each and everyone. It is sought in many ways and forms. Sometimes
    though, it is sought in a selfish way, or by hurting other people through
    stealing or taking by force.

    Of course not all actions end in happiness. The motive is happiness, but the
    results not always bring the coveted desire.

    According to some spiritual traditions, we are spiritual beings in physical
    bodies. The spiritual part is always happy, or rather is happiness itself. The
    body covers this happiness essence, but it is there all the time. There is a
    constant desire to be aware of this happiness. This is the reason it is
    constantly sought.

    No matter what activity is sought, at the moment that happiness is
    experienced, something happens. Whether it is the thrill of arriving to the
    summit of a high mountain, eating a delicious cake or winning the lottery, there
    is a common element that is always present.

    At the peak of happiness there is a stoppage of the thinking process. There
    is inner silence. Worries are dropped away. There is peace. The competition or
    dangers are over. This may last for a brief moment or a little bit longer. In
    this vast peace we feel happy. It is not the object gained or the successful
    performance that brought this feeling. It is something internal and independent
    of the outside world.


    Happiness is always here, but covered by thoughts, desires and fears. It is
    experienced when these covers disappear for a while. When fear or worry come to
    an end or a desire attained, there is a temporary disappearance of these covers.
    The ego and personality stop moving for a while, and a great satisfaction and
    inner happiness is experienced.

    In order to experience it on a daily basis, one has to learn to quieten the
    restless mind. One has to dive inside, because happiness is an inner attribute
    and is not in the objects or circumstances. It is in this world, but out of this

    There is no need to search for happiness or to create it. There is no need to
    have all kinds of outer experiences and actions in order to feel it. On the
    contrary, everything has to be dropped in order to experience it.

    Every technique, which helps to relax the mind and quieten the rush of
    thoughts will lead to happiness. Developing concentration and engagement in
    meditation are the main ways towards this goal.

    When the ability to have a quiet mind under all circumstances is gained, one
    enjoys constant happiness, no matter what he is doing and where he is. This is
    quite attainable, but to gain this peace and happiness you need to work towards
    it. By making the first step today, happiness will start to fill your

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    yes thats true.

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