Freedom from the compulsion of constant and endless thinking is real
Your mind thinks from the moment you wake up in the morning until
you fall asleep at night. It gives you no moment of rest. It creates thoughts
and also receives thoughts from the world around you. This habit is so strong
and deeply embedded that nobody even thinks of overcoming it.

In this state you are not free. You may live in a free country and you may
have financial independence, yet the mind keeps chaining you to a contant flow
of thoughts and mental images, many of which are useless and futile.

The mind is a creator and receiver of thoughts, and it also constantly
produces mental movies. We act like spectators with eyes fixed on a screen,
watching pictures moving on the screen of the mind. These moving pictures are so
real that we never question their validity or whether we need them. Our life,
habits, actions and reactions are all strongly affected by what goes inside our
mind. It is only by silencing the hectic of the mind that we are able to enjoy
true peace and true freedom.

If you were able to watch the activity going on in the minds of people, you
would have seen a very interesting spectacle. You would have seen that each and
every person is living in a kind of imaginary mental world created by his/her
thoughts. You would have seen thoughts created by different minds floating
through space and being picked up by other people, who think these are their own
thoughts. All these thoughts are constantly programming the mind of the person
thinking them, and causing the affected person to behave, act and talk in
accordance with them. So where is freedom?

You may live in a free country, yet in your inner life you may not be free.
You enjoy real freedom when you are able to accept or reject thoughts in
accordance with your will, and being able to impose silence on your mind, when
there is nothing to think about.
This is of course mastery of the mind.


Only when you are free from the compulsion of constant thinking you become
You switch off the engine of your car when you arrive to your
destination, because there is no necessity for it to keep on running. Why not do
the same with your mind? Why let the mind keep thinking uselss, futile or
negative thoughts, at times when you don't need to plan, solve problems, study
or work? When there is nothing special that you need to think about, why not
enjoy inner silence - inner freedom?

Imagine your mind being calm, like a calm lake with no waves or ripples, free
from the compulsion of involuntary thinking. In this state of calmness and
quietude you become conscious of your inner self, which is usually hidden by the
constant flow of thoughts and mental images. In this state you are aware of your
inner being - spiritual self, and happiness and bliss emerge from within you.