HTC Touch White Released UK - White P3450 Edition Touch By HTC
A new white edition of the HTC Touch has today been launched on Orange in the UK, offering exactly the same great design, technology and features as the original P3450 Touch this new model comes in an iPod-esc minimalist white coloured casing.

Let your fingers guide you with the HTC Touch White™, the world’s first phone to feature intuitive touch screen technology.
Surf the web with Internet Explorer®, send and receive email from accounts like Hotmail® and Yahoo!®. Chat on Messenger and send photos to your own web space through Windows Live™.

Optimised for entertainment, the HTC Touch lets you enjoy your favourite music and movie clips through the integrated media suite. You also have the versatility to upload, store and share your media files with microSD™ removable memory.

With Windows Mobile® 6, the White HTC Touch also provides instant access to your Outlook® email and the most popular Microsoft® Office applications.

Feel the difference with intuitive TouchFLO™ screen technology for finger and stylus input.

Simple user interface for quick dialing, navigation and launching applications. Surf the web with ease on the large 2.8” touch screen with Internet Explorer®.

Enjoy music and movie clips with HTC’s Audio Manager and Windows Media® Player. Chat on Messenger, send and receive Hotmail® and send photos to Windows Live™ Spaces.