Learn from the past, treasure the past, but don't let it hold you captive. This is a new day, a new moment, and your opportunity to proceed in precisely the direction you choose.

Just because you've had a negative experience doesn't mean you must maintain a negative attitude. Just because things have not been going your way is no reason to stop going.

Right now is when you... can turn life around. Right now is when you have the power to choose your attitude, your actions, and the outcomes you create.

The most important part of your life begins right now. Because this is the part you can do something about.

Time moves forward, so get up, get going, get positive and purposeful and get moving forward with it. Now is when you can have a positive and meaningful influence, so make the most of this opportunity.

Whether yesterday was fulfilling or depressing, get over it. Get on with living the way you choose, according to your highest values, with this day you now have