When you feel like feeling sorry for yourself, stop. Remind yourself that self-pity won't get you anything worth having.

When you feel like running away from your problems, stop, turn around and face those problems. Choose to become stronger and to create real value by working your way through them.

Is there work to be done, and you don't feel like making the effort? ...Remind yourself that in the long run, getting the job done will feel much better than endlessly putting it off.

Living with intention, discipline and focus is not all that complicated or difficult. It's a matter of reminding yourself that it's your best option.

You are absolutely capable of creating and experiencing the very best life you can imagine. You just have to keep reminding yourself to keep choosing it.

A life that's positive, successful and authentically fulfilling comes from the quality of the choices you make in every moment. The life you live is the life you choose, so remind yourself, again and again, to choose the best.