It's easy to be resentful about your responsibilities and commitments, and to see them as burdens. It's much better to enthusiastically embrace the positive opportunities they offer.

Fighting against yourself, and your own obligations, is never in your best interest. Take the high road, gracefully accepting and fulfilling those obligations.

Every area of responsi...bility gives you the chance to make a positive difference in the world. Each obligation is an opportunity to add value to life.

Create that value, and put yourself at a significant advantage. Embrace the responsibilities, and feel the power that your responsible behavior brings you.

It's true that not everyone is willing to move life forward. Yet those who actually do move life forward are the ones who benefit most from the resulting progress.

Choose to get the most out of life by consistently giving your best to life. Honor your commitments, meet your obligations, and truly enjoy the goodness that you are helping to sustain.