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Thread: Khwaja Asif accused Imran Khan

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    Khwaja Asif accused Imran Khan

    The stereo type statements of Khwaja Asif
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    Khawaja Asif Bring in front Facts


    I think Khwaja Asif Bring Facts in front of people who blindly follow Imran khan.... if see the all statistics that are presented by PMLN are true and taken fron there accounts statments.....In my openion Imran khan should seperate its sociel work from its politics and do not use for its political game and also shut his blame game and present its agenda/program for the country.....

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    hi brother
    the statistics are taken from the official website of SKMH . they have placed all their account statements and investment details there. because they do not need to hide any thing. and khwaja asif did not proved any thing , just baseless allegations. one of his allegation was about untitled money transfers , which was also baseless , one of his allegation was that the money is used in gambling in real state business in dubai !!! , which was also baseless , as the real state scheme owner him self protected the investment by the hospital. one of his allegation was that imran is using this money for him self or politics. i think its shameful for the party of PMLn to start such kind of allegations propaganda against an institute which was awarded internationally , 2 times in a year , as the best managed health and research institute in the world. its shameful politics. in the start of imran khan politics they started with attacking on personal life of imran khan , his wife , and jewish conspiracy , and now SKMH. such a shame , i wish they can have some kind of political behavior. !!!


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