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Thread: Digital Cowboy's spy pen camcorder

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    Digital Cowboy's spy pen camcorder

    See the camera? Good, neither will the person you're spying on. That's Digital Cowboy's latest take on the digital spy pen. The ¥17,800 (about $175) DVR-BP features a 1-mm pinhole CMOS camera, mic, 2-hour battery, and 2GB of memory to store all your video deceit at 352 x 288 pixels and 15fps. Coming April 24th to a GAP changing room near you. Sample video of a uh, pussy cat after the break.


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    WoW... Kool...Good Post...

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    good post

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    hmm nice ....i want one he he he

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    Good to see this type of pens, Because, Mini cameras are useful in surveillance of many situations including a child's room, visitors, or employees and remote areas. Watching over pets is another area wheremini spy cameras are useful. Mini cameras have also found use in research and study of nature.

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