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MashAllah, he is from the elite of the elite, the Janbaz special forces trooper of Pak army. He has just come out of a fierce firefight with the CIA + RAW backed TTP insurgents, some where along the Pak Afghan border.

Wounded seriously on his chest and head, look at the peace, calm and serenity on his face for defending Pak Sarzameen with dignity and courage! Masha'Allah, May Allah shower infinite barakah and khair upon these sons of Pak army who are silently facing death everyday to defend our honor, faith and land without any expectation of reward or acknowledgement.
By Allah, these sons are the finest souls Ummat e Rasul (Sallallaho Elahe Wasalam) has produced and are a source of Izzat for the entire millat! We stand with our sons and brothers in uniform and swear once again to live and die with dignity and honor. US, NATO, India, TTP, BLA and SAFMA can go to hell!