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    Jodi Breakers

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    ‘Jodi Breakers’

    ‘Jodi breakers’ is a cheeky entertainer which takes a peek- a -boo into dysfunctional
    romantic relationships that eventually lead to breakups. Pairing the vivacious and exciting
    actors – Madhavan and Bipasha together for the first time, the film also stars Milind Soman
    and Deepanita Sharma along with the ever – roguish Omi Vaidya and ever – charming Helen
    . The film has been shot in the scenic locales of Greece and Goa along with a considerable
    chunk on- sets in Mumbai.
    Sid ( R Madhavan ) is a break-up specialist ,helping wronged parties out of bad relationships
    .He guarantees a quick , uncumbersome, final freedom to his clients. A chance encounter
    with the sharp Sonali (Bipasha Basu ) takes his “business” to new levels. Both embark on a
    journey taking them through outrageous, hilarious cases that they solve with some wit and
    some vile… Till love happens .Unexpected twists and turns in a case, however, turn their
    world upside –down. Sid has a lot of explaining to do but little time to course- correct …. The
    ‘ Jodi- breakers’ have to turn ‘Jodi-makers’ this time .
    Cast & Crew

    Bipasha Basu
    Omi Vaidya
    Milind Soman
    Dipanita Sharma
    Mrinalini Sharma

    Director -Ashwini Chaudhary
    Producer -Prasar Visions Pvt Ltd
    Music - Salim Sulaiman
    Lyrics - Irshad Kamil

    Jodi Breakers : Characters
    Sid (R madhvan) : A sense of humor to die for , a brain that will challenge Chacha
    Chaudhary but on top of all that an impulsive nature which at sometimes runs him into
    deep waters and other times enables him to swim right through any kind of problems.
    Sonali (Bipasha Basu) : The same sharp brain, the same un canny wit but a much sleeker
    package. Believes in fairy tales and happy endings. Is the literal Better Half in the pair. Can
    give any athlete a run for his money on the treadmill and also can kick some serious butt in
    the boxing ring. Nano (Omi Vaidya) : Chota bomb Bada Explosion …. Some find him hilarious some Gross, he
    can make you laugh and cry with same Joke … won’t miss any opportunity to show some
    love/lust to any lady who needs it…. Overlook him , Overpower him but you can never
    Madonna (Helen Ji ) : Live life Madonna Style. Big doses of affection , larger doses of
    serious reprimand to those who rub her close ones the wrong way .Teaches dance to senior
    citizens and along with that infuses life in their life.
    Marc: Marc defines suave and elegant. The handsome prince of the Business world is not
    only rich but also has a style to die for. Loves his grandmother (Madonna) , though needs to
    control his anger.
    Maggie : classy, a natural warm heart , believing and trusting but can strike graciously when
    doubted. One for the long haul – you can’t not go back to her kind of love.

    Prasar Visions Pvt. ltd.
    Prasar Visions Pvt. Ltd has started business in 2011 primarily in a view to cater to the various
    segments of the entertainment industry including Production, Distribution, Home
    Entertainment, Music, Television and Radio. To have a flavor of the industry, Prasar Visions
    kicked off with distribution of few major movies.
    By the second quarter of 2011 the team was ready to take movie production as their next
    destination. Prasar Visions’s first movie ‘Jodi breakers’ is completed in a commendable time
    and is slated to release in February 2012. The theme of the movie is perfectly blended to
    cater to youngsters and family alike. This post ‘Valentine Day’ release is giving birth to a new
    profession of ‘Jodi Breakers’ who believe in harmoniously separating ‘Jodis’ with troubled
    We believe in bringing novelty in the concept of the script with differentiation in treatment
    of the same. Keeping in mind the commitment to Entertainment; the vision was very clear
    when Prasar Visions moved into this field; to create a strong presence in all the segments of
    the entertainment industry globally. The same can be depicted in the Prasar Vision Logo
    where a ‘single dot builds up to a beautiful Lotus flower’ indicating ‘PRASAR’ meaning
    distribution and communication to all. We at Prasar Visions believe ‘To build a best team to
    deliver quality products’ which will station their presence in the minds of every individual.
    Motivation and team work are the driving force that helps us provide the best output.

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