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    Health Tips

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    Thank you so much, this is really beneficial.

    I like to drink plenty of water, but never realized about Efficiency of ideal Moment.

    Water is really very beneficial for the body, but have noticed few individuals having very little water throughout the day.

    Now even every Doctor tips us on consuming plenty of water for gud health.

    Here in Native India, it has been very scanty rainfall for now, this is a matter of vital concern, considering Native Indian Economy is very reliant on rainfall, in fact every country needs gud rainfalls to endure.

    There can be huge lack on farming due to low down pours this is a worry for poor farm owners, as also noticed grim destruction like Suicides in the past.

    Hope to reduce paucity of rainfall in coming months, here in India.

    Truly, I will rate water as a Monarch for all health concerns.

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