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Thread: Maybe not forever

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    Maybe not forever

    There are so many stories I still want to tell
    There are so many I love you's left unsaid
    There are many tears left uncried
    There are many dreams left to fall apart

    I miss our long talks
    I miss the nights when all was alright
    I love you like a sister, you were my angel,
    Yet I wonder why you left me here to die

    We were forever best friends-
    When one fell to the ground
    The other one was there to help her back up.
    We healed our broken hearts
    With a hug and a gentle smile.
    We stayed up every night looking at the stars,
    Giggling like little girls and having midnight talks.

    You said you had to go-
    I wished it wasn't so.
    You said we'd always write.
    You said it would be like old times.
    I looked in your eyes as you looked into mine,
    With smiles like everything was fine.

    Yet we both knew well that this was our last good-bye.
    We knew that we would never again
    Have those long talks and play like little girls again.
    We knew all the pain we'd cause ourselves.
    I also knew that my angel was being taken away,
    Yet we promised no matter what we'd remain forever best friends

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    ..its honestly lovely..thankyou...

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