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Thread: War against terrorism

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    War against terrorism

    Pakistan role in war against terror

    Since bin Laden was killed in Pakistan since the U.S. and Western public opinion sided, or poor accused the Pakistani anti-terrorism, or has accused Pakistani suspected of harboring and conniving, the credit for taking on everything at the same time the international anti-terrorism, at 10 years of terrorism in Pakistan denied the contribution and sacrifice. Indeed, Pakistan and the United States as a front against terrorism an important ally against terrorism, without it all these years of cooperation and sacrifice, can not have today off the anti-terrorism achievements.

    From a strategic point of view, Pakistan paid for the international anti-terrorism damage to national security interests of the enormous cost. "9.11" incident, Pakistan abandoned the Taliban regime for years, turned to fully cooperate with U.S. anti-terrorism, the United States to wipe out Afghanistan in a short time, the "base" organization played flee. 10 years, from the eastern border with Pakistan, Pakistan has deployed more than 10 million strong block and suppress the terrorists, at the expense of being against India's traditional strategic priority, can be described as sincere anti-terrorism, rather than the U.S. and Western media portrayed duplicitous. For the United States, but sit back and condone military expansion in India, so that the Palestinians the victims.

    10 years of terrorism, Pakistan has paid a serious domestic security costs. On the one hand, Pakistan will break the historical tradition has been in the army entered the semi-autonomous tribal areas, the traditional tribal system and the consequent impact of the conflict, resulting in a long time in Pakistan's bloody unrest, the peace of the past no longer exists harmony . 10 years, triggered by the tribal militants fighting terrorism out of control, multiple terrorist bombings and sectarian bloodshed, to make Pakistan into a terrorist and extremist forces raging quagmire, the U.S. war on terror has become the biggest loser; the other hand, Obama came to power , will become Pakistan's western front by the anti-terrorism war on terror, gave rise to serious consequences, the Pakistani army has seven major military offensive against the six tribes, leaving only the North Waziristan issues to be resolved to help the United States removed a large number of terrorist molecules. Just think, who are willing to change their land scorched earth counter-terrorism, so how can the expense of the United States turned a blind eye.


    Pakistan in the fight against terrorism, not like the United States accused the media as "labor does not contribute." 10 years, Pakistan's anti-terrorism campaign in the large and small, have invested more than 10 million troops, were arrested and killed more than 400 "base" elements and thousands of extremists, and some important leaders to the United States, many of them "9 * 11 "suspects Khalid as a heavyweight event. Pakistan also provided a large number of intelligence for the United States leads, bin Laden was found initially benefited from the information provided by the Palestinian side, and judged the results of the United States did not inform the Palestinian side, not to be Pakistan's ally against terrorism viewed as an equal, but all the considerations from the U.S. interests.

    According to statistics of Pakistan, Pakistan's anti-terrorism 10 years of direct and indirect economic losses of $ 100 billion, far more than the United States during this period of less than $ 20 billion in aid. 10 years of terrorism, Pakistan has paid a high social and political costs: social development disorder, the deteriorating security situation, tribal people displaced. For the United States since 2004 in Pakistan's tribal area of ??UAV bombing, which killed more than 1,000 terrorists, though, but it resulted in a large number of innocent civilian casualties, which stimulate anti-American sentiment in Pakistan Government dilemma. Pakistan's contribution to the country as a front against terrorism can not be denied.

    Today, the U.S. media do not review in the operation of unilateralism and the violation of territorial sovereignty of Pakistan, but wishing to demonize the war on terror Pakistan's slow progress of the scapegoat. Get all killed bin Laden in the anti-terrorism anti-terrorism ally results Shique forgotten, and after its vocal opposition, the Pakistani government in an awkward position trap, or even terrorist troubles will lead the Pakistani side. U.S. and Western media should contribute to a fair evaluation of Pakistan's anti-terrorism, more anti-terror front from the national perspective to the problem, do more conducive to regional security and stability.

    (The author is China Institute of Contemporary International Relations Research Center terrorism) (Editor: Li Zhiqiang)

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