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Thread: Courtesy: Etiquette of using the cellphone! By Yasmin Elahi |YOUNG WORLD,DAWN 7-7-12

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    Courtesy: Etiquette of using the cellphone! By Yasmin Elahi |YOUNG WORLD,DAWN 7-7-12
    (This was written for children but I feel that a lot of grown up people must also learn these etiquettes)

    Faisal is having dinner with his parents and siblings. Daddy is in a jolly mood today and telling the family about his childhood pranks and how their (then) strict grandpa punished him often for his naughtiness.

    The children are enjoying the anecdotes and at the same time protesting aloud to grandpa for punishing their father so. It is hard for them to believe that their indulgent grandfather was once so stern with his only son!
    Faisal’s cellphone begins to beep and he pulls out his phone from his jeans’ pocket. A friend has sent a joke. Losing interest in the table talk, he starts punching the keys to answer the text message of his close friend. Daddy looks at him with a displeased look, but Faisal is so engrossed in receiving and sending messages that he is not even aware of his father’s stare!
    After 10 minutes he realises that he had been listening to a very interesting account of his father’s childhood. “Daddy what happened after grandpa caught you flying a kite from the terrace?” he asked with an innocent tone.
    But Daddy’s mood has changed! “Faisal you should have enough manners to know that when you are listening to someone,
    especially an elder, you should not be busy texting a message! I don’t feel like repeating what I have told everyone already.

    And from now on, you will not bring your cellphone to the dinner table,” he says in a firm tone as he leaves the dining room!
    Like every technological invention, the cellphone has its advantages and disadvantages! Although it has broken all barriers in communication, bringing the world to our fingertips, it has also made us a bit alien to our family. Most of the times we are so engrossed in our cellphones, text messaging friends or just forwarding interesting messages, playing games on it or calling friends, checking and replying to mails if we have a Wi-Fi phone, we often forget that there are some etiquettes for its usage, which we all should follow firmly.
    If you are in company and your cellphone beeps, make sure to move away from the earshot of the people you are sitting with. Often I see people of all ages talking intently or laughing aloud while talking to someone on their mobile phones when there are in others’ company. This is often irritating to the people around them and a bit disturbing too. So, if you think it is important to receive a call, do not make it a nuisance or disturbance to other people. Distance yourself from the people around you and attend to the call.
    Be careful when you are in a sober situation, i.e. if you are visiting someone in the hospital, sitting with elders who are having a serious conversation or are in the mosque for prayers. The silly songs set as dial tunes are really unpardonable. In my opinion, such unethical dial tunes should be totally banned. Bizarre ringing tones, such as the cry of a baby or someone laughing uncontrollably, could be very disturbing when you are in sober company. Make it a point to be sure to switch your
    cell to a silent mode if you are in such places.

    Your parents and elders are more important than your friends, so when you are conversing with them, don’t attend a friend’s call or SMS by cutting short the conversation. You can drop the call or excuse yourself for a moment and just inform your friend that you will call later if it is something urgent. You can ask him/her to send you a text message which you can check after a few moments.
    Set limits for yourself! Time is very valuable as you have to work hard to reach your goals and carve out a brilliant future for yourselves. Schemes floated by the cellphone providers, i.e., free SMSs (or at a very nominal rate), nightly free packages, unlimited internet usage on the cellphone, are all offers that help their sales.
    We are being used as pawns in the tough competition the companies are giving to each other. Don’t be lured and refuse to be misused! How can a student who has been up nearly all night enjoying the 12 midnight to 6am free talking package, perform well when he/she comes to school the following day!
    You may be surprised to know this, but it is a fact that teenagers currently make up the majority of the world’s cellphone users! In these times of insecurity, parents have no other choice but to provide their children with cellphones, sometimes even before they reach the proper age, only to remain in touch with them and know where they are. So, rise to your
    parents’ expectations and prove that you are enlightened enough not to use this gadget to your

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