There was a little boy and in his backyard was an apple tree. The boy used to always play on the tree's branches and eat the apples from the tree.

As the boy grew older he stopped visiting the tree. One day he went into his backyard and the tree said to him, "Come, play on my branches and eat the apples I have on me." The boy replied, "I can't! I'm too busy to play on your branches and to eat you...r fruit. I have school to go to and homework to do." Saying that, the boy left.

More years go by and the child was now a man. He walks into the backyard and when the tree see's him, it is delighted!
"Oh my old friend, you have returned to play on my branches and eat my apples," the tree says. "No! I am too busy. I have work and deadlines and my boss is always standing over my shoulder. I can't," replies the young man and after saying that, he leaves.

A couple more years go by and the man returns. "This time surely you have come to play with me and to eat the fruit that hang from my branches like you used to do when you were a child!"

The man replies, "No, I am very worried. I am stressed because I now have my own family! I have kids and I need money." Hearing this, the tree says, "Well then, pick the apples from my branches and go; sell them. You'll be able to make some money off of my apples. Sell them and earn that money for your family." The man thanks the tree and picks the tree's fruit. He sells them and makes a pretty penny. Enough to raise his family on.

Many years go by and the man is now aging. He has now retired and his kids have grown up. He goes out to the tree. The tree says, "Hello dearest old friend. I don't have anymore apples but I still have my branches! You can still play on them like you used to as a child."
The man replies, "No! How can I? I am aging fast. I am retired. I want to go out on a cruise. I want to sail the world! But I do not have a boat."
The tree thinks and replies, "Cut me down and use my trunk for your boat. Go and have your retirement."
The man grabs an ax and chops down the tree but he leaves a small stump and the roots. He makes a strong boat out of the trunk of the tree and with that he then leaves for his trip around the world.

Years go by and or aging man was now old and frail. He was weak and alone. He walks out into his backyard where the stump of the tree still is.
"Hello. I see you are now old my friend and I do not have any apples to give to you nor do I have any branches for you to play on anymore, but you can still use my stump and my roots to rest your head on and take a nap." And that is what the old man did.

That's the story of our lives with our parents. They raise us and we suck all we can out of them. They give themselves to us and yet we do not realize how great they are. Love, thank, and respect your parents guys. It's the least we owe them. ♥
*peace* ^_^